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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMyauzo
Challenge NameReal Vampires Don't F*ing Sparkle
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Twilight
DescriptionHow would twilight have gone if the cullens were the same type of vampires in btvs?
would bella have lived long?
would edward have wanted her?
would jacob have fought for her?
would bella even be the main character?!
no gay bashing.
Bring in the btvs characters if you wish.
oh and bella cannot be a witch or whatever. she has to be a normal human in the beginning, but she can change into something else later on into the story.
ps. xander is awesome. extra brownie points if he's in the story
Challenge Date30 Sep 12
Last Updated30 Sep 12

Challenge Responses

No one has responded to this challenge.