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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameIn for a penny, in for a pound. Or how Xander Harris got traded.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed > Xander-Centered
DescriptionThe rules of Buffy the vampire slayer are very clear, 'The Powers that Be' have one side while evil in all its forms, IE The First & Wolfram & Hart, have another. They set up things almost like a chess board, champions on one side, big bads on another.

With Balance demon's like Whistler keeping things even. Well, I was wondering about Angel. Sure, for his first 145 years he was Angelus, the clearly most evil vampire around. Then he was cursed and became Angel, a champion of light.

As far as I can tell, evil traded him to good. But what did evil get? Whister showed up to set him on his path, so it was all offical. But I keep wondering, if evil traded him to good, what did evil get in return?

Heres my challenge, Xander gets traded.

While he was never called a 'champion', he did save the scooby's countless times not to mention he saved the world single handedly and helped others do the same many times afterwards. Hes good, clearly.

Well, now its time for 'good', or at least The Powers that Be to counter balance the trade they got for Angelus and send Xander over to the bad guys.

What I want to see:
This is a Charmed challenge, so make Xander one of the Charmed big bads. A warlocke, demon, dart priest, sorcerer, or my favorite a darklighter.

After all, darklighters are the anti angels of Charmed. I think that'd be rather ironic.

Xander's still Xander, more or less. But like Cole before him, he now has a demon within pushing him towards evil. Repressing his good when it can. And really, if you found out that you got traded away to evil for 'Angel' of all people, I think you'd be pissed off at good too.

While not happy about being a bad guy now, hes at least doing his job. And compitently. IE, corrupting witches towards evil, killing whitelighters when he has to, bringing his level of usefulness towards the bad guys side.

And since he has a soul, it gives him a better understanding of humans and their emotional handicaps.

Most not have:
No Buffy & co bashing. While I'm sure Xander would be pissed at Angel for literaly taking his place, his friends aren't at fault. And I'm kinda getting sick of bashing. Unless its Spike or Angel. Bash away in that case.

No slash.

No rants about how special Xander is, with someone listing all the good things hes done infront of his obvious friends. Its getting old.

How do you think Xander would take it if he found out that good traded him away to evil for Angel, the guy he hates for having all these powers but still doesn't help out as much as the normal guy of the scoobys? The guy who didn't deserve it, but got Buffy without actually putting the work into a real relationship.

He always wanted to be special. To do good, to save the day. And now thats all gone because the good guys thought they needed a souled vampire more then him. So give him the change to be as bad as he wants.

): )
Challenge Date1 Oct 12
Last Updated1 Oct 12

Challenge Responses

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