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Challenge IssuerRingofHeart
Challenge NameCosette the Slayer
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Miscellaneous > Musicals/Plays
DescriptionLes Mes/BtVS, After Chosen for Buffy, VERY AU for Les Mes.

Bring up the timeline of Les Mes to about a year after the final episode of Buffy. Everything with John (sorry, I haven't figured out how to do the accents on my computer, so I'm going with the english spelling) and Fontaine happens, then timeline diverges. Instead of promising that he would take Cosette into his care, John is a psychic and has a premonition when he touches Fontaine and promises she will be safe. He then leaves the factory to a close friend and turns himself in, but before he does, he sends a letter to Cosette's "surrogate family" that says that Fontaine is dead.
Cosette's family gets the letter and sends her out (kind of like the show) to get the water. Willow finds her, as she has been trying to find Cosette because, as it turns out, Cosette was one of the potentials that was turned into a slayer. After a massive argument with the crazy abusive people (I would love to see the line afterword "Willow, you have revenge down to an art," make of that what you will, just don't have her kill them: not good for Willow and we'll want to use them later), possibly adding the 1500 Franks but might not be necessary.
Years later, Cosette is stationed in Paris along with Willow and a few other slayers (no Kennedy, they broke up a couple of months after the finale; you decide who Willow's love interest is, but don't let it be Kennedy and preferably make it an OC or someone from the BtVS series). She bumps into Marius, blah blah blah, you know how that goes. Continue with Eponine being asked to go find Cosette, but she still loves him, ect. Eponine finds Cosette (ALONE!), Cosette remembers Eponine and is weary (never understood how she could not remember that, she was, what? Nine, not five!), but Eponine apologizes for her parent's actions and the two sort of make up. Since this is an updated version of Les Mes, Eponine gives Cosette Marius's cell number.
A couple of weeks later, Marius and Cosette are visiting before Cosette goes on patrol, and Eponine is keeping watch. Eponine's surprisingly not dead parents have the whole robbery thing and wake up the whole house because it's full of slayers, but they watch since Cosette is older and wait a moment before going to battle human robbers in footie pajamas ( know what? Whatever). Eponine fights off her parents because- surprise, surprise- it turns out she's the slayer they missed. Eponine moves into France slayer central.
I don't know what the conflict would be, but I would love to see the part at the barricade, with Eponine getting shot but healing herself because she's a slayer. She then saves Marius because Cosette would be heartbroken, realizing she doesn't love him anymore, but she wants to save him because he's her friend and Cosette's her sister.
I would also like to see a part where Marius finds out about the whole slayer thing, and Eponine needs a love interest, other than Marius. Someone from BtVS, maybe?
You decide the ending.
Challenge Date7 Oct 12
Last Updated7 Oct 12

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