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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuertexaswookie
Challenge NameDaughter of the Gods, Descendant of the Stars
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe
DescriptionBuffy is not really the Slayer but is a Demi-God like Cassie AKA Wonder Girl.
Xander is not really human but is a hybrid clone of human and alien cells. Instead of Luthor’s cells though they used Batman’s. Scary combo there.Because of the magic on the Hellmouth it stopped Xander’s abilities from activating.
When Buffy runs away Xander goes with the others to help look for his friend. While he/they are searching for the missing slayer. LA is attacked and Xander and Buffy end up getting into a fight with someone or something. (Super villain or Alien Invasion)
Cassie is Buffy’s half-sister and Conner is technically Xander’s half-brother. Discussions on which one is older happen.
Time travel is why Xander was in Sunnydale.
Willow being a member of Homo Magi is allowed if you so wish.
Buffy was unconsciously or spelled to hold herself back. Perhaps it was Zeus way of training her to live with power. Cassie was apprenticed to WW and had objects of power first with Buffy she was allowed weakened versions of the powers.
THose are my ideas if you choose to do this then go wild other wise.
Challenge Date10 Oct 12
Last Updated10 Oct 12

Challenge Responses

Following their successful efforts to prevent Acathla from being activated, the Scoobies discover that none of them are really who they think they are, and that malign forces have interfered with all of their lives in efforts to deny them their legacies.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Real Family • Greywizard • FR18 • Chapters [5] • Words [17,999] • Recs [4] • Reviews [90] • Hits [16,063] • Published [1 Aug 14] • Updated [27 Aug 14] • Completed [No]