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Challenge Issuerxoverfanforever
Challenge NameHadrian Evans, Next Door Neighbor
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionFANDOM: Harry Potter/Charmed

CHALLENGE: For some reason, which is up to you, Harry moves to San Francisco either immediately after the war or when he is in his 20s. He moves in next door to the Halliwells sometime after Chris is born. Since Leo is not around much, Piper has no one to watch the boys and after one emergency where she had taken them to Phoebe's work for her coworkers to watch them, she asks Harry if he would be their babysitter. Harry either doesn't work or works from home so he accepts. If he doesn't work you may think of Piper also hiring him as a freelance caterer for her new restaurant.

I'd like to see a scene when the boys are about 4 to 7 years old where Leo comes down for a day and wants to spent it with them but they ditch him because Harry promised to take them somewhere. I'd like to see Leo jealous and talking to Piper who tells him it's his own fault for being gone so much. It's up to you if he comes down every so often or if he only comes for their birthdays or even just Wyatt's birthday.

It's also up to you whether Harry's just a neighbor and babysitter or if he eventually forms a romantic relationship with Piper. I'd like Harry's full name to be Hadrian and for him to use Evans as a last name. Maybe have the Evans' be a Wiccan family so Harry can use both types of magic. I'd like the boys to call him either Adrian or Ian as well as most of his friends.

I hope someone will take up this challenge. I got the idea but unfortunately, I have no time to actually write it.
Challenge Date12 Oct 12
Last Updated12 Oct 12

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