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Challenge Issuercalileane
Challenge NameMy DNA says I'm Thor's son? it was just a Halloween costume!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Avengers
DescriptionP.S: for this one challenge you can chose to take only parts of the challenge, even if I would love to see all those things in one story ^^ (there's 3 parts). There's 3 BONUS that I would adore you for too.

Xander decided his Halloween costume should be as unique as he could make it. Why be a soldier when he knew many boys would make the same choice?

No, the idea came to him after seeing the Avengers' battle in the news. Thor was cool! And when compared to the man who had 'raised' him, Xander would love to pretend for just one night to have a very different father.

1. So here comes Xander, son of Thor, wielding a battle-ax, wearing white armor and leather. For one night he will be the white knight and let everyone see the strength hidden in his heart.

2. When the night end, being the Xander we all know, he keeps something no one could have foreseen. In fact he kept on being Thor's sons, his DNA having been changed to match, and leaving him strong with one gift from an amused Janus: after all Janus as always known how precious Xander truly was to this world, so he lifted the blocks on the boy's powers.

3. Here comes Xander, son of Thor, The white knight but most of all: the one who sees.

BONUS if Xander goes to live with Thor instead of staying with Buffy and crew.

DOUBLE BONUS if it happens after Sunnydale's collapsed and they decide Xander losing his eye means he is of no use to them, making him leave and somehow discover he's Thor's son and how it happened because of that long ago Halloween night ^^

TRIBLE BONUS for slash but not necessary if you find a really good het pairing and make me love it lol
Challenge Date19 Oct 12
Last Updated19 Oct 12

Challenge Responses

This is my response to Calileane's Challenge 7236: My DNA says I'm Thor's son? it was just a Halloween costume! AU, OOC, and I have not chosen a pairing
Only the author can add chapters to this story Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-Centered • mrsKnitewolf • FR18 • Chapters [4] • Words [7,047] • Recs [12] • Reviews [101] • Hits [24,578] • Published [2 Nov 12] • Updated [21 Jul 14] • Completed [No]