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Challenge Issuertexaswookie
Challenge NameSlayer Pryde
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionAlright a lot of us know that the Buffy Summers character was supposed to be based on the Kitty Pryde character from the X-Men. At least I read that somewhere.
With that in mind I have to wonder why no one has ever used Halloween to make Buffy Shadowcat. I can really see it particularly if my memory is correct and in the third X-Film Kitty had an X uniform with pink in it. (Buffy would find that a cute version)
If you’d rather go comic that’s fine with me, but if you do that there is only one requirement. Lockheed. If you don’t understand that then you probably don’t know the character well enough to write a fic. You’re welcome to try though.
Also can you imagine how Pryde’s skills and powers would make Slaying so easy. vampires keep throwing punches at a slayer they can't touch Buffy makes a tree branch suddenly unphase in the vamp killing it. All without getting vamp dust in her clothes.
Bonus: If Buffy compares Angel and Spike to Kitty's former boyfriends. I mean seriously Angel is so Colossus tall, dark haired, brooding, artist and Spike is so Pete Wisdom mouthy rude English git that walks the dark side. Heck Spike and Pete even talk the same.
Challenge Date20 Oct 12
Last Updated20 Oct 12

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