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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)ElzaCBoe
Challenge NameToo Young to be Ancient
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other
DescriptionA story with Buffy and Stargate Atlantis. The plot should go something like this:

-Buffy (post Chosen (at least 2 years later)) gets sucked through a portal (or jumps or is pushed or falls etc.) and ends up in Pegasus galaxy. (She is severally injured in the stomach)

-the gate in Atlantis activates, but because there is no IDC the shield is up.

-the next time the gate is activated AG-1 comes through from a mission (Rodney got slightly hurt). Just before the gate shuts down Buffy, naked as a newborn, falls through.

-someone (preferably Teyla) checks for pulse, but doesn’t find it.

- No more than a couple of minutes later Buffy comes back to life. The injury is gone. Sineya is behind the wheel and at some point uses her hair to bandage Rodney. She faints.

- When she wakes up she’s Buffy again.

-Buffy guesses she is in “Kansas” anymore.

-Talks to Dr. Weir and gets to stay in Atlantis (and possibly a later permeation to shadow Sheppard’s team off-world)

- Buffy doesn’t spill the beans about the supernatural. She implies that the slayers are a different race than the normal humans and at one point names them (and herself) daughters of Sineya.

-Buffy spends a lot of time with Rodney despite his attitude. She makes him go eat and all the other stuff the scientist doesn’t think is as important as work.

-Buffy has nightmares and barely sleeps when alone (she usually naps in Rodney’s lab while he works) but nobody knows (at least at the beginning)

-Rodney and Buffy fall in love (but take their time to realize it)

Include in the story:
-“I may be the oldest of my kind but that doesn’t make me ancient!”
- meeting Stargate Atlantis version of Andrew.

No Scooby hating! Yes, they all acted dumb at times during BtVS, but they were only kids that had the world on their shoulders. Give them a break. They all grew up.
Challenge Date22 Oct 12
Last Updated22 Oct 12

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