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Challenge IssuerBilltheWicked
Challenge NameXander...they called him Xander (BtVS/F.E.A.R cross)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het
DescriptionThis challenge just came to me out of no where (literally I just thought of it a few seconds ago) and I figured what the hell someone might find it interesting.

Categories: BtVS & F.E.A.R (it's a game if you're wondering)

Setting: None impaticular preferably after the first season of BtVS

Rating: M (violence, mutilation, torture, profanity, sexual situations etc)


In this Xander is going to have all of Alma's psychic powers and abilities, how he gained said powers and abilities is entirely up to the writer. He could be born with them, the result of a freak accident (magical or mundane), Halloween related, or anything really.

Due to his powers Xander will be more withdrawn then in the series, not a total recluse or anything but he'll shy away from large crowds and a lot of attention. Due to his powers he'll have some sort of issue (chronic migraines, paranoia, anything really) and trusts only a select few, one of them being Willow as he staked (or imploded, immolated, disintegrated, etc) Jessie.

Also because of the sheer lethality of his powers Buffy and Giles are slightly cautious around him, however this will eventually change as Giles will eventually come to see Xander as a son and Buffy will see him as that insanely-dangerous-little-brother-you-don't-want-to-piss-off.

The challenge deviates from canon pretty much right off the bat.

Pairings involving Xander can be anyone, except Buffy, Willow, and Faith who'll assume sisterly roles, but it cannot be slash/yaoi.


*While his deadly powers force Xander to mature he is and forever remain a master of "Quip Fu"

*Xander must be emancipated and out of the Harris household

*Eventually Xander will start hunting solo
Challenge Date29 Oct 12
Last Updated29 Oct 12

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