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Challenge Issuereternalfox
Challenge NameBuffy/World of Darkness (Hunter: The Reckoning) Challenge!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Horror > World of Darkness
DescriptionXander decides to make some alterations to his soldier costume and decides to go as a member of the Zeal Creed from Hunter: The Reckoning; specifically, a Judge. Judges: Those who mete out punishment based on how monstrous the creatures have acted. Unknown to him is that White Wolf, Inc. took the concept of the Hunters from their "real world" counterparts; also, both his parents are children of Zeal Creed Hunters. Tony's father was an Avenger; one who seeks revenge for the harm done by creatures of the dark. Jessica's father was a Defender; one who safeguards and protects the innocent from the darkness. Upon the activation of Ethan's spell, he is still Xander; however, he is now the perfect Zeal Creed Hunter carrying all 3 Virtues within him; Avenger, Judge and Defender.

Bonus Points for him knowing about all members of the Scourge of Europe, and him mutilating Spike, but just shy of ashing him. With Angel, he leaves him existing due to almost desperate, crying pleas from Willow and Cordelia as he renders Angel a helpless, broken body of a corpse.

If you choose to pair him, it must be a heterosexual pairing. Must be from the Whedonverse and around his age at the time. And not Willow.

The Hunters from The World of Darkness as described in Wikipedia:

A Hunter's life is fraught with danger. The "bliss of ignorance" has been taken from them and the existence of supernatural manipulation of humanity cannot be ignored. However, the Hunter cannot simply reveal this knowledge to mundane authorities since they will be branded as unstable and insane. Supernatural forces control many human media, law enforcement, and government agencies; any attempt to reveal the existence of these forces would result in the supernatural manipulators using those connections to paint the Imbued as crazy and dangerous, and to dispose of Imbued who snoop in their affairs and try to impede their control.

Hunters wage a desperate, clandestine war against the inhuman, ageless forces that manipulate mankind. They see their task as taking back the night from bloodsuckers, ravaging beasts, vengeful spirits and manipulative sorcerers. The Imbued must face mankind's worst fears made real in the most deadly game of the Hunt in order to fulfill the task they have set before them to "Inherit the Earth".
Challenge Date30 Oct 12
Last Updated30 Oct 12

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