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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerWidgetsandWhatnot
Challenge NameA Knight in Chance Harbor
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television
DescriptionHello everyone. New Guy posting here. I have challenge for a crossover with The Secret Circle. I was watching it on Netflix and got this idea.

The Conditions are:

1:You can have whatever reason for Xander leave Sunnydale ie: His Parents die and he goes to live with his family up there. It can be an Aunt, Uncle, or Grandparent.
2: He pairs up with a Diana. Since all the other girls are pinning after the other guys of the show. You can make it to where they are destined to be together but that is not a requirement.
3. Xander finds out he is a wizard when he finds his family's spellbook at which family member you have him living with. The reason I say wizard is becasue I don't want him dependent on other witches to control his power other than for suggestions and advice. He can not be an uber powerul and all know wizard. He has to be learning like the witches do in the show. It will grow with practice, kind of like exercising a muscle. And you can add some comedy in there like a potion blowing up in his face.
4. I would like to see a it as close to the Secret Circle timeline as possible. Since it was canceled with a cliffhanger the possiblities for the story are opened up for alot of potential.
5. He can still return to Sunnydale to help or visit the Gang. I would like for them to still be good terms. He can still be sketchy around Angel for two reasons the main one is that since he has been practicing as a wizard he can sense the supernatural energies of the demon in Angel and the other one is he still has the distrust of vampires since they killed Jesse.
Challenge Date2 Nov 12
Last Updated2 Nov 12

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