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Challenge IssuerScarlettJediKnight
Challenge NameSentinel Xander Challenges
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash

After re-reading Sentinels of Atlantis by Keira Marcos and Life Changes by Lady
Angel (damaenge) this thought hopped up

Sentinel & Guides are known and accepted

Xander is a Sentinel with a sixth sense with Jesse as his guide. Due to where
they are the need to protect is stronger leading them to form a strong
protection group out of the social outcasts [Andrew, Jonathan, Amy, Marcy,
Tucker, Michael...etc] > even if its just walking people home and having nightly
checks and not fighting the monsters beyond self defence I can see it saving

Willow as one of the ones with the biggest denial problems until Buffy gets
there and forces her to confront reality is an outsider to the group and doesn't
know about Xander being a Sentinel or Jesse being his Guide or ignoring that
they are as it interferes with her plans to eventually marry Xander – however
thanks to the extra senses it does lead to Xander having several talks with
willow about her so called crush that Willow ignores each time

Giles & Buffy I can see as not liking the situation at all when they do
eventually find out 1) Giles head is still up the Council butts at this time and
2) Buffy like Willow loves to be the centre of attention > I also sort of see
this moment when Joyce realizes that Xander is A Sentinel and asks what Buffy is
and he replies a Sentinel wannabe because that was the Council original intent
when creating the slayer line


Another Sentinel Xander Bunny {Like a Cross between Keira's Sentinels of Atlantis and Vo Project Picture Perfect}

Sentinels & Guides are Known

1)Xander is a hidden Sentinel, Former Military & Scooby, Anonymous Outer of Sunnydale Corruption-Negligence-Incompetence-Backwardness, Small Colorado Business Owner, Tinkerer, Single father of twin sons...etc
2)Xander being much more focused, mature, realistic, frank, practical, adaptable, protective and strategic... as well as having seen through the Scooby Gang BS from the very beginning leading him to form good friendships outside the insular group after the death of Jesse
3)Xander gets captured along with his sons and a dozen or so others by the NID = Turns out they were the result of a old breeding program to create better soldiers and are now being assessed and experimented on to see the end successfulness of the original project = Xander ends up going Feral on them before rescue arrives due to the threat to his sons killing many and permanently disabling his former friends who are now NID agents
4)Soldiers to have been Unknowingly used in the original project = Mac Taylor, Jack O'Neill, Jacob Carter, Ian Edgerton, David Rossi, Patrick Sheppard, Jethro Gibbs, Jim Ellison, John Winchester.... Crossovers: CSI, Loosers, Stargate, Criminal Minds, Eureka, Supernatural, Numb3rs, NCIS
Challenge Date10 Nov 12
Last Updated10 Nov 12

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