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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerScarlettJediKnight
Challenge NameStrangers Wish
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
DescriptionPreferably set before the Judge

A angry and frustrated stranger whose figured out Sunnydale secrets makes a Wish to remove the Blinders of everyone in Sunnydale for three months, regarding themselves, other people and the reality world of the world around them.

Leads To
= A rash of Suicides, Riots, Evacuations, Murders...etc that cannot be hidden or explained away {helped by the death of Wilkins}
= Invasion of State and Federal Employees {Social Services, FBI, Education, ATF, Medical....etc} - Numerous Arrests and Sacking
= Every Citizen ends up being Investigated and Tested - Education, Criminal, Medical, Financial, Psychologically...etc
= Town itself shut down as the only cost effective solution due to the blatant corruption, negligence, stupidity & outdatedness
= Light/Neutral Supernatural community stepping up and taking responsibility for their own so they can remain safe and hidden

Regarding the Gang
= Numerous revelations of Secrets from minor to major - e.g. part time jobs, parentage, abuse, teen parent, STD, rape, looting, secret talents, self training, kids protector, cheating, tattoo's, piercings, scars...etc
= Willow ends up arrested for her hacking and permanently bound from magic for her lack of respect and slipshod experimenting
= A Lot of Soul Searching & acceptance of reality-consequences-accountability{however reluctantly} for their actions & inaction's
= The shallow friendships of the gang either breaking, with each going their separate ways, or strengthening on a new foundation of mutual respect-trust-acceptance-empathy-loyalty-depth...etc

Crossovers Can Be - Eureka, Criminal Minds, Stargate, Numb3rs, Charmed, NCIS, Sentinel, CSI, Diagnosis Murder...etc

Side Note = It would be funny if Angel would get arrested for stalking/dating a underage girl and he becomes a fugitive after escaping
Challenge Date14 Nov 12
Last Updated15 Nov 12

Challenge Responses

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