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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerRedCalypso
Challenge NameA Three Hour Tour
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Gilligan's Island
DescriptionWhile marooned on the island, the men and women did what comes naturally (which I don't think they did in the original show). Gilligan pairs off with Mary Ann and the Professor pairs off with Ginger. Possibly they had the Skipper marry them, if that would count sans a boat of his own. Children resulted, of course. Gilligan and Mary Ann had, in birth order, Xander, Faith and Dawn. The Professor and Ginger had, in birth order, Cordelia, then twins Oz and Willow. To everyone's surprise, Mr. and Mrs. Howell had an unexpected change-of-life baby, who they named Buffy. Things went on as normal, until Buffy was Called as a Slayer and the Watchers tracked her down and rescued them all. Gilligan's Island would have to be moved up to the 80s instead of the 60s for the timelines to match.

How would Xander and Faith change if they were raised by parents who gave a damn about them?
The families would stick together, having formed such strong bonds with each other, especially the kids. Up to you where they would live (LA? Sunnydale? New England?)
How would the kids pair off, most being teenagers when they were rescued? Would Oz prefer Faith or Buffy? Would Cordy and Willow have cat fights over Xander?
There was weirdness aplenty on the island, IIRC. The kids could already be aware of the supernatural before they were rescued.
Giles would be Buffy's watcher from the start, no Merrick.
Challenge Date18 Nov 12
Last Updated18 Nov 12

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