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Challenge Issuertexaswookie
Challenge NameHalloween Counterparts
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionHere's an idea I've had for Halloween lately. What if on Halloween the scoobies dressed as comic book characters but for every character they dress as someone else has dressed the equivalent counterpart from an opposing comic company. Potential examples. Xander=Green Arrow so Andrew dressed as Hawkeye, Willow=Fairchild So Cordy dressed as She-Hulk, Buffy=Wonder Woman so Larry=Thor, Giles=Captain Britain Ethan=Captain Marvel.

The Scoobies don't have to all go from the same universe either if you wish to mix and match and make some of them counterparts to each other. Willow=Black Widow so Buffy=Black Canary.

If someone disagrees with my counterpart suggestions oh well, very few people can agree completely on that list. Use the characters you think are the counterparts though.

Angel can be good or evil depending on how your feeling.

Bonus 1: Be nice if you explained in some way why you consider them counterparts. Xander or some other geek explaining to the others why they're counterparts. It could have to do with their powers/abilities, origins, or their place in their respective verses.

Bonus 2: The Counterparts have at least one fight between each other. Marvel vs. D.C sort of thing.

Bonus 3: If some villains come as well. The Mayor Spike or anyone else.

Bonus 4: If one of counterparts is hero and one is villain Photon vs Dr. Light (the evil one of course)
Challenge Date22 Nov 12
Last Updated22 Nov 12

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