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Challenge IssuerKaosreign
Challenge NameShip of the Line: Into the Infinite
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Sci-Fi > Halo
DescriptionMain character: Xander Harris.

Story type: YAHF

Additional Crossover: SG-1, SG: Atlantis, Transformer movies (optional), Smallville (optional).

Non-acceptable Pairings: None of the Slayers (Buffy, Faith [friendship acceptable, Kendra [lives or dies is up to the challenger]), Willow, Tara, Dawn, Anya, Joyce or Jenny.

Story plot: Xander and some of other dress as characters from the Halo games, however given the fact that some are from HALO 4 this causes the unintended consequence of making the UNSC Infinity to materialize in their universe, as the only ones aware of the significance of the vessel and the purpose it was built for they take it upon themselves to safeguard the planet from any and all threats both from within and without. Their presence however does not go unnoticed...

Costumes worn and who wears what:

Xander Harris: Master Chief (You may have him ascend the ranks) John-117 (Halo 4 armor), Cortana must be with him and not Rampant.

Buffy Summers: Noble Six.

Jenny Calendar: Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, she is to retain the knowledge and feelings of Halsey regarding the Spartans.

Rupert Giles: Captain Jacob Keyes, must be aware he died on Halo and is not infected with Flood parasite.

Willow Rosenberg: Commander Sarah Palmer

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne: Sergeant John Forge

Cordelia Chase: Dr. Ellen Anders

Length: 5k to 8k is acceptable, must be story not one-shot or miniseries.

Information can be found in Halo wiki, Waypoint.
Challenge Date4 Dec 12
Last Updated4 Dec 12

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