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Challenge Issuerdeathzealotzero
Challenge NameA Miracle of Fate
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > General > General: SG-1
DescriptionCrossover Summary: During a simple space-borne SG-1 Mission to set-up various sensor stations around the Sol System to help detect approaching enemy ships, with the support of the Tok'ra or another similar ally they stumble onto something amazing in the Oort Cloud, or somewhere close-by, of the Sol System.
Crossover: Stargate SG-1 and whichever you want, Buffy or Angel maybe added for those who want too along with the second crossover

Key Plot Elements:

- This so-called "something" can be anything that will help the SGC, or Earth itself for those who to do a more united planet, to help defend itself from the Goa'uld, Lucian Alliance, Ori, or another enemy wanting to destroyed the planet. For example, it can be the half-hulk of the Forward Unto Dawn, space debris from an old space battle that sports a drifting intact hulk of a ship, or something like that. Be Creative!
- It needs to be a Crossover element therefore it can not be say an abandoned Alterran Ship, or anything that is associated with Stargate itself.
- Buffy and/or Angel is allowed to be a third crossover if you can fit into the story, maybe via the Halloween Spell or something like that.
- There is no set limits on what the SG-1 Team can be therefore if you want to have an alternate SG-1 to make things a little bit more interesting, you can.
- Same with the ally helping SG-1 it can be the Tok'ra or it can be the Asgard or any other spaceborne ally that the SGC, or Earth, sports.
- Finally, have fun and shake things up! It doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter story that is similar to say a Ship of the Line story, the "something" doesn't have to be a ship just something that will help Earth defend itself from its enemies.

Any questions, send me an Email ( or something like that. Thank you.
Challenge Date17 Dec 12
Last Updated17 Dec 12

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