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Challenge IssuerGwynApNudd
Challenge NameThe Scooby and the Noor Stone
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Comics > Other
DescriptionCrossover with The 99.

One of the Scoobies (or one of the AI group) finds a Noor Stone. Or perhaps the Noor Stone finds the Scooby.

I just found this series and thought it a better fit for Buffy than most other superhero comics.

The backstory on the Noor Stones:
In the 13th century, a group of scholars/guardians (about half-way between Buffy watchers and Highlander watchers) saved the wisdom and power of the great library of Baghdad by transferring them mystically into 99 gemstones. They smuggled them out of the middle east and used them to adorn a "fortress of wisdom" -- a seat of learning -- just outside Seville in Moorish Spain. When the forces of Christian King Ferdinand began their expansion into the Iberian peninsula, the guardians debated how best to save the wisdom and power in the stones. One renegade guardian, named Rhugal, attempted to transfer all that power into himself, but there was too much power for one man to absorb. The backlash destroyed the fortress and nearly killed Rhugal. It was decided to scatter the Noor Stones and let them direct their own fates. Rhugal was banished. The power he did absorb made him almost immortal. He continues his quest to control the power of the stones.

Each of the 99 stones is named for one of the 99 descriptive names of Allah, and its power relates to its name. Over the years, individual stones have been found and have been lost again. If a stone finds a suitable companion, it embues that person with its power. Lately, more and more stones have been turning up and bonding with a bearer. The last descendants of the original guardians, led by Ramzi Ramsen, have been seeking out stonebearers in order to train them in the uses of their powers. (Think of Ramzi as Professor X and the stonebearers as X-men)

Thus far, only about 20-25 of the stones are accounted for in the comic and the animated series, so there are still plenty of undiscovered ones.

Does Xander find the Wagid stone and become the Perciever?
Or maybe Faith finds the Muntaqim stone and becomes the Avenger
Or maybe the Raqib stone finds Giles because he is already the Watcher
Or does someone find a stone that is the opposite of their canon characterization?

Questions to be answered: Did the old Watcher's Council know about the stones? And if they did, did they know about their origin and about the guardians? Was Giles aware of them? Is the Scooby's stone found before or after the superhero group known as the 99 make their first public appearance? What happens when Ramzi (or Rhugal) shows up? (And one or both will!)
Challenge Date22 Dec 12
Last Updated22 Dec 12

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