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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerkarinms
Challenge NamePermanent download or equal exchange
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionEverything in Ethan's shop during the Halloween episode were acquired from real persons, aliens or animals, either long dead or still living, in this dimension or another. All the people transformed during the trick-or-treat kept parts of the transformations as new weird character traits (mental or physical) or full-blown schizophrenia/paranoia depending on what they wore. Everything the involved characters gained were "stolen" from others in an equal exchange or a permanent download: as in the person forgot/lost everything the other person gained. Was the exchange/download good or bad?

Someone without magic dressed as a wizard and the original wizard lost his magic. Someone with Wicca magic dressed as someone with staff/wand magic and they both exchanged the other person's way of doing magic.
Someone dressed as Wilhelm Tell and he lost the ability to split an apple with his crossbow.
Someone dressed as a car-thief, gained the ability to hot-wire a car but forgot how to drive it while the original car-thief still remembered how to drive but forgot how to hot-wire it.
Someone dressed as Charles Xavier and gained telepathy but also partial paralysis while Charles Xavier suddenly could walk again but not hear other peoples thoughts.
Someone dressed as a little Roswell gray and suddenly an Asgardian from Stargate could propagate the normal way while looking more human. The poor human became deformed and impotent.

I don't want to read what happened to the Scoobies during the Trick-or-Treat unless it's very important to the story/characters or seen in flash-backs. I want to see how the Scoobies, normal Sunnydalians and/or Ethan's "costumes" handled the aftermath; in another dimension, in the present time, the future or the forgotten past.
Challenge Date1 Jan 13
Last Updated1 Jan 13

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