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Challenge IssuerQueenCA
Challenge NameFire Lady Buffy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Cartoons > Avatar: the Last Airbender
DescriptionAs you can probably guess from the challenge name, this is for a Zuko/Buffy pairing. Now if they meet at some point during the series (when he's trying to find the avatar, his 'fugitive'/refugee time, or his travels with Aang and co., etc.) or after their journey is completed (though I'd like it if they met during the journey, at some point), I'll leave it to you to decide. Along with the fact if Buffy is a fire-bender or not. Though I'd like it if she kept her 'Slayer abilities'.

The time for Buffy-universe: After "The Gift" (meaning Buffy got de-aged a bit). A possible loss of memories (or at least some of them). Iroh becoming a sort of 'grandfather' (or 'uncle' ;) ) to her would be a plus.

Now if you want Buffy to have some prophecy concerning her in the 'Avatar world', I'll leave it up to you, but I'm curious to see what could be created...

I would like to see the Scoobies, when they try bringing her back, be transported to the 'Avatar world' (along with Dawn, Giles, and possibly Faith being somehow dragged along too) and arriving at the Fire Nation palace (at this point, Zuko has taken over as Fire Lord with Buffy as his 'Fire Lady' (marriage yet or close to it?)). Guards quickly arrest them and bring them before Zuko and Buffy (and possibly Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph, if you want them to be visiting at this point).

Rest is up to you! Scooby-bashing is allowed, if you would like to do that (though I ask that you spare Giles of it, if possible (and Tara and Faith?)).
Challenge Date1 Jan 13
Last Updated1 Jan 13

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