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Challenge IssuerSunshineDust
Challenge NameBuffy/Kill Bill Challenge!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Kill Bill
DescriptionOnce upon a time Joyce Summers went by the name of Beatrix Kiddo. Now that she knows the truth about the 'Night Life' of Buffy 'B.B.' Summers, she feels true regret about institutionalizing her little girl when she tried to tell her the truth the first time.... And giving her an ultimatum the second time. "If you walk out of this house right now, don't even think about coming back."

She's suffered too much, and killed too many to give up on her little one now.

Now that Buffy has returned, Beatrix has a few truths of her own to confess, and training to start.

After All, who better to train 'The Slayer' than the 'Black Mamba'?

****Starts Season 3****
1) Joyce and Buffy bond over killing the love of their live.
2) Buffy learns the complete truth about Bill & Beatrix, The assassins, the wedding, pimped out in a coma, the revenge, EVERYTHING.
3) Joyce learns the complete truth about Buffy, Merrick dying, burning down the gym, Sunnydale adventures, dying by drowning, killing angel.
4) NO Dawn.

A Side Chapter about Beatrix having a run in with the Watcher's Council and thinking that they're an insane cult, when they try to kidnap B.B., she kills three of their best wet work teams and changes their identity. That would explain why the Watchers never had a chance to train her early like the other Slayer Potentials.

Before marriage to Hank Summers
Joyce Summers = Beatrix Joyce Kiddo, Joyce Kaden
Buffy Summers = (B.B.) Bethany Beatrix Kiddo, Buffy Anne (Kaden)

GOOD LUCK!!!! I Hope one of you answer this challenge!!
Challenge Date4 Jan 13
Last Updated6 Jan 13

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