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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerCelebwenTelcontar
Challenge NameRepetitive Motions
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Bleach
DescriptionThe Powers That Be are trying to keep everything in balance, neither too evil nor too good. When Ichigo tries to save Rukia, the PTB find this unacceptable, because it will tip the balance to good rather than equal. They try to kill remove Ichigo's soul from the cycle of rebirth (however they do this is up to you), but the Soul King is not happy. He creates a Time Loop that cycles between the morning of Ichigo going to rescue Rukia, and when Rukia is freed but Aizen escapes.

On the other side of the world, Buffy is trying to tip the balance for good. The PTB do not like this, and so kill her. Buffy ends up in Soul Society, and the Soul King brings her into the Time Loop (think Groundhog Day) with Ichigo.


1) Sado Yasutora (Chad), Inoue Orihime, Shihoin Yorouichi and Ishida Uryu cannot be caught at first in the time loops, but Ichigo can somehow bring them in

2) Buffy must appear at least a couple Loops in, with no idea she's in a Loop and has never met the Soul King

3) Ichigo must go to a Captain at some point or other to try and remove the Loop. The Captain(s) can be dragged into the Loop at your discretion.

4) Buffy steals someone's Zanpakuto at first, but she can have her own later on. Kudos if she steals Zaraki Kenpachi, Ayasegwa Yumichika or Madarame Ikkaku's Zanpakuto.

5) Rukia must live, Aizen must die, and Ichimaru Gin must be found not guilty before the Time Loops can end. Tousen Kaname's fate is up to you.

6) The PTB try to intervene again, but somehow are stopped.


1) Spike can appear in Soul Society, as well as Murdoch, Anya, and/or Tara.

2) Buffy and Kenpachi start dating

3) The Captain Commander gets pulled into things by the direct order of the Soul King

4) Kurosaki Isshin (Ichigo's father) is really a Shiba or relative of the Soul King

5) Multiple Captains get fired and replaced (Preferably Kurotsuchi Mayuri among them)

6) Uryu's abilities attract the Vandenreich, and they get into Soul Society multiple times, possibly attacking the PTB along with all of Soul Society, possibly causing Aizen to join forces with Ichigo just until the Vanenreich is gone.

Please have fun!

Challenge Date8 Jan 13
Last Updated8 Jan 13

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