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Challenge IssuerTaurexis
Challenge NameNuclear Families
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real Family
DescriptionBuffy/Supernatural Crossover

Now I have seen "Real Family" stories where John Winchester is Xander's father, and I have seen stories where Bobby Singer is his uncle. But what if it were both?


Essential Rules
- Bobby must be Xander's Uncle and John must be Xander's Father (how this happens is up to you)
- Both Bobby and John must not know that the other is related to Xander
- Sam and Dean do not know about Xander's existence
- Xander should have already met both John and Bobby; BUT he doesn't know that they know each other
- Buffy verse should be set between Season 2 and Season 4
- Supernatural verse should be around Season 1 (John should still be alive)
- Bobby and John discover that the other is related to their son/nephew at the same time and place (what happens after is up to you; e.g. they argue, fight, etc.)
- At some point Sam and Dean should find out about Xander (can be before, after or during the previous point)
- John, Sam and Dean must not initially know that Xander hunts demons (whether Bobby knows or not is up to you)
- There must be a "Family Reunion" where all five of them meet (it can be when Bobby and John find out about each other)

Bonus Points
- The "Family Reunion" happens at the Roadhouse (because I like Ellen and Jo)
- DOUBLE POINTS - During the "Reunion" a Buffy verse demon attacks and Xander has to take the lead to kill it
- Cain (the werewolf hunter from Season 2) shows up and recognizes Xander; where he then gets his ass kicked
- Slash pairing for Xander - If you don't like slash then that's fine, you can leave it out
Challenge Date16 Jan 13
Last Updated21 Apr 14

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