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Challenge IssuerBerserkerNW
Challenge NameTo Truly See Baker Street
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Crime > Sherlock Holmes
DescriptionBTVS/Sherlock (BBC) crossover preferably.

Ten years post-NFA: Willow, Xander, and Dawn are the only members of the Scoobies/Angel Inc left alive. They find themselves in the remains of the old Watcher's Council building. Willow uses the last of her life/energy/magic to send Xander and Dawn to a new world. They arrive in that exact location, but in an alternate universe: Mycroft Holmes's office.

Eventually, the main point of this crossover would be to see a (more or less friendly) face-off between Sherlock Holmes and Xander Harris. Sherlock!Scan meets The-One-Who-Sees.

I would like to see them move into the basement flat of 221 Baker Street, and eventually develop a friendship of sorts with Watson and Sherlock (they managed to befriend a master vampire, Anya, and Andrew - I think they'd just find Sherlock funny). He is unable to figure them out, as there are too many quantities he can't plan for (magic, alternate dimension, demons, combat skills w/o training, etc), and so takes to spying on them.

Whether or not he discovers magic (if it's even possibly in the Sherlock universe), how much Mycroft knows or is involved in their new home, and any romantic leanings are entirely up to you, though I admit to liking the more-than-likely-asexual portrayal Cumberbatch has given Sherlock. They likely wouldn't join Sherlock and John on cases, but I can see them offering out of the box thinking when the duo return home.

Alternative 1: Willow's already dead, and Dawn uses her portal abilities to transport them.

Alternative 2: Magic exists in the Sherlock universe, and someone failed a summoning, getting Xander and Dawn instead. Do they find a way home eventually or not?
Challenge Date16 Jan 13
Last Updated16 Jan 13

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