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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAislinn
Challenge NameBuffy and "The Troubles"
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Haven
DescriptionSo I recently got hooked on Haven and two things popped into my mind, what if...

-Dave, tired of Audrey having to sacrifice herself to end the troubles every 27 years, decides to call in his old friend Giles for help in finding the cause and solution for the troubles. The Scoobies ride into town, unsure of what is coming but determined to help especially when they find an old friend.

Which leads to the second...
-The Crockers left Haven to escape the troubles and their role in destiny. When Jesse was staked in Sunnydale, his destiny in Haven caused him to return there, to the life of Duke Crocker.

Bonus points if you can include the following pairings:
- Audrey/Nathan

-Buffy/Duke - I really believe these two would be an amazing match up

-Xander/Jordan - magic never seems to work right around him and Jordan needs someone who can truly see her

-Willow/Dwight- I tend to think Willow falls more for the person rather than their gender. He has the true heart Willow needs, but there would be issues with her issues with guns and his bullet magnet status

-Arla Cogan/Spike - they both would do anything for those they love

-Faith/Chris Brody - loved their chemistry in Tru Calling, so totally a selfish pairing ;)

******Maybe the troubles are an old spell over the town, punishment for an offense done by one of Audrey's past selves, as she is the one to end the troubles each time they resurface

******maybe they are the work of a vengeance demon, who has lost control of the magic

In the end, have fun and be creative with it! Good luck!
Challenge Date20 Jan 13
Last Updated20 Jan 13

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