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Challenge IssuerZoanzon
Challenge NameXander of the Samsara
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Naruto
DescriptionEveryone always thought that Xander was the normal one, the "baseline" to rip-off Aberrant, the weakling. How well will that image fit once he gains the Eyes of God, the Rinnegan.

Xander can gain these anytime through the series you want, or even before it (please don't make it after the end), through any means that is believable. Note that I am talking Buffy-verse believable; it may not fit real life, but as long as it is like the usual for the Gang, it works. Hell, have one appear in the empty socket following Caleb's popping. You don't need to give a "how" on their appearance, or a "why"; just make it believable.

The following pretty much must be followed. You can bend around one if its the only thing holding you back or whatever, don't do it too much.

- Xander is straight. There is no exceptions around this; as a teen with bouncing hormones, he can get confused if you want, but he is to be attracted to the females in this.
- NO Gary Sue!Xander / God!Xander. He gained the Rinnegan; that doesn't mean that he's all-powerful; look at Pein, he got beat. Took a bit, yea, but he got beat.
- Xander doesn't gain all the knowledge of how to use the eyes upon gaining them. Look to the one right above this. He can get memory flashes from Pein, like in a reincarnation way, or hear of some stories detailing its powers and work off that, or even just have him learn trial-and-error style.
- Don't have him gain the Eyes then drop him in the Elemental Countries. You can have relics showing up (ex: Samehada), or Bloodline traits that survived with their descendants puzzling out how to work them, and using them for good/evil. That should be enough material to work with.

~Bonus Points~
These are things that, while not required, would be awesome to see pulled off.

- If Xander turns out to be the reincarnation of Pein, try to swing Akatsuki into this. You could do the cheap way and make the Scoobies be them, or you could go the fun way and have them be reincarnated all of the world, and have Xander stumble into them on his road trip (If you do this, please don't make it so its *Insertnamehere* in a new body; give them similar looks and personalities, but have them just have flashes of the past).
- If you wanna go with a stretch, have Jiraiya or some other protagonist from the series go through the same deal, and upon meeting Xander and knowing who he is, try to kill him. After all, he is evil...isn't he? (Since they were older/different, they may have gained memories quicker, or just know he's a threat)
- If during the series, how does the Gang react to his new change? After all Willow thinks she knows best, and Buffy is "see evil, slay and forget the questions" in canon. What will go down?
Challenge Date21 Jan 13
Last Updated21 Jan 13

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