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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerAlexanderMcpherson
Challenge NameDave
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionThe Unthinkable Has Happened. Xander and Angel are now friends, daresay, best buddies.

And it all started with Kitty Poker, A Drunken Demon, a Spell and a regular guy named Dave...

Interpret however you will.

Must: Be Funny.

Must: have Kitten Poker players from other fandoms.

Must: Not be a serious crossover.

Wishlist: Present a Serious reason for the whole 'kitten' part of Kitten Poker.
Challenge Date21 Jan 13
Last Updated21 Jan 13

Challenge Responses

How could a visit to the Hellmouth by the President change his life? Xander was about to find out!
Only the author can add chapters to this story Movies > Other-Drama • CubsKing • FR7 • Chapters [1] • Words [1,992] • Recs [0] • Reviews [9] • Hits [2,198] • Published [25 Mar 13] • Updated [25 Mar 13] • Completed [Yes]