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Challenge Issuertexaswookie
Challenge NameSome Afterlife This Turned Out To Be.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Supernatural
DescriptionKind of surprised I haven't seen anything like this yet but here we go. In Supernatural its a fact that instead of going to heaven monsters go to purgatory. With that in mind it makes me wonder what would happen if some of our heroes somehow ended up there. How many of their old foes would they end up meeting in the afterlife of the monsters. And how long could a Scooby manage to survive in a world that was made up of defeated and destroyed monsters. Heck you could even add in foes from other shows like Charmed.

-> Angel or Spike be your main character since their vampires. If you are following the current story line one of them might even be able to take Benny's place.
-> Have the character(s) work with Dean and Cass to get out of the Afterlife that they're in.
-> Having a Slayer having gotten caught in a method similar to Dean or maybe one of the portals that Buffy had experience with took her to Purgatory instead.
-> Meeting up with creatures that they had met up with and killed in the past. Example 1: Buffy meeting up with Luke or the Master. Example 2: Faith Meeting up with Mr. Trick. Example 3: Oz meeting up with Verruca.

If you take this up great.
Challenge Date21 Jan 13
Last Updated21 Jan 13

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