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Challenge IssuerDmitri
Challenge NameBuffy and the Elemental Masters
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Other
DescriptionFor a while, Mercedes Lackey wrote a series of novels, based in an alternate universe London around the 1870 - 1919 time period, centered around elemental masters (think A:TLA, but British). This series is now complete, and in honor of those novels I'm issuing a BtVS/Elemental masters crossover.

The Elemental Masters series had the following features and I would like the crossover to have at least some of them:

- Almost all of the magic in those series was connected to the four elements; anything else was little known and highly suspect (this probably includes Wicca).

- The novels were influenced by the fairy tales such as "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty" or "Cinderella".

- The novels included an element of women's liberation movement in them and were usually set in London.

So, for this crossover, you either have to write a turn of the century story, showing a Vampire Slayer dealing not only with an even stuffier and set-in-their-ways Watchers' Council but also with the White Lodge of London, or Buffy and the gang dealing with the more modern White Lodge (and possibly the descendants of the novels' characters, if you want).

Possible ideas include:

- Angel or Spike & Dru present at the turn of the century London and dealing not just with the Vampire Slayer of that time but some elemental magicians as well.

- Willow either being an elemental mage (instead of a Wiccan) or as a Wiccan having to deal with the White Lodge as a liaison between them and the Council's Wiccan allies.

- Xander accidentally dating some elemental monster and requiring the assistance of the White Lodge to get out of trouble this time.

Anything else is perfectly acceptable too. Get cracking!
Challenge Date21 Jan 13
Last Updated21 Jan 13

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