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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerCelebwenTelcontar
Challenge NameThe Path of the Rightious
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Classics
DescriptionXander dresses as a policeman for Season 2 Halloween. Instead of being a random police officer, he becomes Javert (Les Miserables). This can be centered on either the musical, movie or novel.


Xander must keep the French language

Xander must have trouble reconciling himself and Javert's personalities, either or can become dominant, but the resulting personality must be affected by the other personality

Xander must remember Javert's life, at least at first

Something of Javert must remain


Xander can have a great deal of difficulty adjusting to the 20th century

Xander's personality can be completely overwritten by Javert's

Xander can forget English and/or lapse into French by accident

Xander and Angel or Spike have some serious differences of opinion

Xander has a black-and-white opinion of the world; there is only good and evil, nothing in between

Xander and Buffy get together

Xander leaves the Scoobies

Xander cracks down, *hard*, when Willow becomes addicted to magic

Xander becomes a ruthless crime fighter

Please have fun!
Challenge Date22 Jan 13
Last Updated22 Jan 13

Challenge Responses

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