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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerEphemeral
Challenge NameThe Key and her 'Blade
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Japanese Fantasy > Kingdom Hearts
DescriptionDawn leaps from the tower at the end of The Gift... and falls through the portal into the DEEP DIVE.

The idea here is that there have always been Keyblades in the backstory of the Buffyverse, and before she was Dawn, she was the source from which Keyblades were drawn. Falling through the portal sends Dawn through her own trial in the Deep Dive, restoring the powers of the Keyblade to her human incarnation.

Th keyblade mythos should be fully integrated into the Buffyverse, and if you opt to involve any characters from Kingdom Hearts in the story, they should be plausible Buffyverse reimaginings of those characters.

Dawn emerges from the closing portal with an awesome green keyblade and all the powers of a keyblade master. Dawn gets the skills, but not any old memories from this, and is thrilled to suddenly be on par with Buffy and Willow in the power department, in her own way.

Awesomeness ensues.

Bonus points for invoking the butterfly effect and avoiding any StationsOfTheCanon in Seasons 6+.
Challenge Date2 Feb 13
Last Updated2 Feb 13

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