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Challenge IssuerRingofHeart
Challenge NameVenjix and the Scoobies
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Power Rangers
DescriptionRPM season.
I've been looking around the Charmed category and seeing a lot of challenges about what the Scoobies are doing in the dark future. I have no time for this, but in other fandoms, there are other apocalypses! This challenge is specifically PR centric (if you haven't seen RPM yet, and you have netflix, watch it- it's got to be the best season they have). Preferably after Chosen, non-comic book compatible. If not, please make it at least after Dawn's created.
What are the Scoobies doing during the dome? Ideas/Examples:
Are they living in Corinth, or are they barely surviving in the wastelands? If wastelands, are they in the actual area, or did they get captured by Venjix and are just now escaping? Are they even all in the same place? Did some of them die? Did all of them die (preferably not)?
Is Buffy involved with the rangers at all? A trainer? Did she get captured by Venjix and made into the ultimate super weapon? Is she a military leader? Is she a ranger? What about Xander? Is he a watcher? Is Summer a slayer? K? And what about Willow? Does she help K at all? Are they together? Is Summer a witch?
What if Scott's father was actually Riley instead of Major Trueman? What if Finn was related to Doyle? What if part of the reason that Summer's relationship with her parents stink is that she works with the council? Was Ziggy orphaned by a demon or vampire? Is Ziggy planning on going to the watcher's council? Is Dillon's father one of the Scoobies? Or do they know him? Grandfather? Uncle?
How are the baby slayers handling all this? How are demons handling this? Are demons still in the dome? Is Venjix working with the demons? Are the demons working against Venjix? Are there side-by-side apocolypses? Are any of the slayers/witches/watchers hybrids? How's that working out?
Can be as AU or canon (except NO DESTROYING THE MAGICAL SEED OF THE WORLD) as you like. Preferably I'd like to see Kennedy out of the picture- I don't like the pairing. I'd also like to keep the length they're in Corinth about the same- two years. The threat is a bunch of robots.
If you add people to the team, don't take out another ranger. Add another guy/girl in colored spandex of the appropriate choice, please. I also would rather have everyone currently on the team in their same positions (IE: No Buffy redness. Buffy may be a leader, but Scott's Mr. Red)
Otherwise this list is just a start. Have some fun!
Challenge Date9 Feb 13
Last Updated9 Feb 13

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