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Challenge IssuerAlexanderMcpherson
Challenge NameTo Walk A Mile in His Shoes.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
DescriptionSet during Season 1 or 2. bonus points for starting almost a week before buffy's 17th birthday.

Xander ends up being Angel for a week, but to his everlasting angst (not), it's a week in which Buffy is trying to start or progress her relationship with Angel, confusing the heck out of him... especially, when he can't tell anyone that he's Xander. But then, Angel is still rather mysterious to the others, so he knows that he doesn't need to work too hard to 'stay in character'.

Bonus Cookies if Angel is in the same boat, too.

Bonus Cookies if Xander manages to prank Angel somehow.

Side notes: while possessing Angel, Xander must have full access to the memories, but already understand angel enough to pass as him to even the motley crew (read: Spike, dru probably knows but whatever). He isn't sure if he'll have those memories too afterward, since soldier-guys memories are fading (if post-halloween) and only certain details still stand out.

Also, if Angel is in the same boat (aka "Xander" doesn't disappear that week and is still around because it's actually Angel, just as Angel is actually Xander) Angel must also understand Xander well enough to be convincing to even Willow... and finds it more like a vacation from his life, since to be Xander, he has to play carefree. also, hostility to 'Angel' is still there since he knows it's XAnder, and Xander will probably prank him in some way.

This produces a big problem for the pair: Buffy, and the relationship.

Xander has to have the pretense of being in the relationship, since Angel is. And Angel has to watch from the sidelines, and see what Xander does, since he and xander both know that really, this relationship is doomed, what with the vampire and slayer detail.

Does Xander let the relationship go on, despite that regardless of how happy it makes him to be with buffy, that in her eyes, he's Angel, as well as the squick of him being a vampire? Or does he put a stop to it, knowing that some pain now will save her a lot in the future, and that regardless of that angel knows about it being doomed, would hurt him anyway?
Challenge Date12 Feb 13
Last Updated12 Feb 13

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