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Challenge Issuerapollo
Challenge NameHorror Lurks Within, Command the Night, and Ignite the Dawn
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy > Magic: The Gathering
DescriptionThe premise for this challenge is fairly simple. What if Buffy was a planeswalker who landed on the plane of Innistrad? How would the story of last year's block have been affected?


-Buffy is a planeswalker.
-The Buffyverse is her native plane.
-Adhere to Buffyverse canon at least up through the point her spark ignites.
-She may visit any number of planes, and in any order, but must land on the plane of Innistrad at about the same time as Garruk and Liliana do.
-She must not depart Innistrad until after Liliana does (meaning the Helvault and Thalia must be dealt with, one way or another).
-If events unfold similarly to M:tG canon, with the Helvault being opened, the fallout must be dealt with, including Avacyn and Griselbrand, and whether there will be a replacement Helvault created or what the plane will do without it.
-If the Helvault's destruction is averted, the disappearance of Avacyn must be dealt with.
-Buffy must encounter Sorin. Friend or foe, he must play a large role in Buffy's experiences on the plane. Some sort of reference to his physical similarity with Spike might not be amiss either (perhaps Spike and Sorin are actually one and the same, or perhaps Spike is related to the Markovs, or perhaps Buffy just comments on how much they look alike but there really isn't a connection).
-Buffy must encounter every Legendary permanent that got a printed card in the Innistrad block (Garruk, Liliana, Sorin, Tibalt, Tamiyo, Olivia Voldaren, Grimgrin, Geist of Saint Traft, Thalia, Bruna, Sigarda, Gisela, Mikaeus - both as the Lunarch and then again later as the Unhallowed, the Grimoire of the Dead, Elbrus the Binding Blade, and of course the Helvault. EXCEPTIONS: Freeing Withengar Unbound, while encouraged and preferred, is not required. If your story prevents the destruction of the Helvault, then Avacyn and Griselbrand, will likely remain trapped within, rendering such encounters impossible; ergo they do not need to be encountered if the Helvault remains whole, but DO need to be encountered if it is destroyed as in AVR canon).
-Buffy must visit every province of Innistrad at least once (Nephalia, Kessig, Stensia, and of course Gavony).
-Each set must be incorporated into the story in a significant way. If events unfold differently from canon, it must be because of Buffy's presence. This means that while you can make changes where the cause is not readily apparent, via the butterfly effect for example, and you do not have to immediately explain how Buffy's presence and actions caused the change, it must be traceable in a logical way either by the end of the story or through a brief AN at the end. Things that Buffy has no control over, like the character's motivations, cannot be changed. In other words... Liliana is on a mission to find and kill Griselbrand, Garruk's hunting her for revenge for what she did to him, Sorin's trying to find Avacyn and restore the balance, etc. This extends to non-planeswalkers as well, ie Thalia is going to have the best interests of Thraben as a primary motivator.

-Odric, Master Tactician. Not printed until M13, and thus not strictly required, but as a Legendary native of Innistrad, I'd love to see what he was up to during this block. What he is up to, though, is entirely open-ended.
-Thalia as a Slayer (Buffyverse, not Innistrad). How is up to you... perhaps every plane has a Slayer line, or perhaps she was called by Willow's spell in Chosen, or perhaps something different happened (like for example maybe one of Buffy's later deaths called her).
-Other Buffyverse characters. Perhaps also on Innistrad, perhaps back in the Buffyverse. Either way, the presence must be natural and explained by the story. If we're following them in the Buffyverse, why? Are they trying to find Buffy? If they are with her on Innistrad, how? While I would also be interested in seeing any of the other Buffyverse characters get involved in Innistrad's story, this particular challenge is for Buffy's involvement there. If you would like to write any of the other characters fulfilling the other requirements of this challenge, though, let me know where I can read it, because I would like to.
-Other elements from M:tG, eg Core Sets or other expansions. Only if it fits. I'd love to see (hint, hint) Odric and his bunch (see above), for example, but Bolas, Niv-Mizzet, or Krenko? Probably should be in a different story.
-Other planes. Fine as lead-ins or lead-outs, like a prologue or epilogue, if appropriate, but the focus for this story should be on Innistrad. If you want to write another story or stories involving Buffy in the war for Mirrodin, for example, or the current Return to Ravnica, great! I'd like to read those too! But not here. Make a series if you want to do something like that, and make each plane a different story. The exception to this rule is Buffy's home plane, as indicated above, but remember to use caution and follow the above rule on other Buffyverse characters.
-Pairings. None are required, and the story can be done without any if you like. However... Any hetero pairings fine. Femslash fine if there is a canon basis (ie Willow, Tara, etc.). If any pairing requires you to split a canon pairing, an explanation must be offered in the story, and should be treated with extreme caution (remember the third and last rules above). Male slash prohibited (see below).
-Rating. Any rating is fine, up to and including FR21, but it probably should be at least FR15, considering this is Buffy we're talking about, going to visit a plane based on a gothic horror theme.
-Length. Any length is fine but make sure to at least cover the entire block (ISD/DKA/AVR). Don't shorten it by having her arrive late or leave early.
-My favored approach has the portal from The Gift igniting her spark and beginning her on her journey, and Innistrad being the first plane she lands on, but both are flexible.

-BONUS points for every piece of flavor text from the block that you can naturally incorporate into the story somewhere.


-Multicross. I like multiple crossovers generally, but here I really want to focus on Buffy and the Innistrad block storyline. If you want to write another version with other characters or fandoms either joining Buffy or instead of Buffy, great, and PM me so I can read them, but they aren't what I'm specifically looking for here.
-Slash. It's not my cup of tea, and though I can tolerate it where it's canonical (eg Jack/Ianto from Torchwood), I don't seek it out and I just don't want to see it in this story.

What I'm really looking for the most is an immersion of Buffy into the world of Innistrad. It was the set I started playing during, and I fell in love with the flavor. I'd like as much of it reproduced and woven into this story as possible. I always thought Buffy would make a highly interesting visitor to the plane, but I was never able to write something that I was happy with. Feel free to message me any questions.
Challenge Date12 Feb 13
Last Updated12 Feb 13

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