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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)SlayerandWereLeopard
Challenge NameChoose your own Anime alternative
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionJust some fun (probably overused in other areas) ideas to get Buffy in Anime shows. There are not enough of these around :D Feel free to add other Anime/manga though. These would be interesting, since it could show how Buffy being a slayer would affect her abilities and mentality, especially considering the slayer essence was technically a demon.

Pairings (if any) would be up to author, even though I slide towards the Yuri side, but its not required. Rating and length would also be up to author. I tried to leave it as open as possible to generate ideas.

At the beginning of season 3, Anne what if one of the hell dimensions went to:

1) Hild's domain (oh/Ah my goddess)
2) Yokai Academy from Rosario+ vampire
3) the future Tokyo from Burst angel
4) Ended up on the Soja/Washu's lab/etc from Tenchi mayo.
5) high school dxd - Buffy could save one of Rias Gremory's peerage in the hell dimension or she gets injured and accepted to be reborn into her peerage.
6) Tartorous Cube, Fairy tail Guild Hall or Tenroh Island or tower of heaven de-aged.
7) white fang hideout in the caves somewhere that grimm are (RWBY)

Somehow Buffy and ___ end up drinking sake together when its spiked by the bar tender. Would be fun to see the antics that they cause. Also would be fun to see the other person can sense Buffy's slayer half influence it but optional (yes Buffy is strong but no one is invincible, and it could be a game to them). This would be the cave-Buffy episode replacement:

- Urd from ah my goddess (bonus points if hild had a hand in it or was drinking too)
- Ryoko from Tenchi (bonus points if Washu is involved)
- Revy from black lagoon
- Alphard from Canaan
- Rias Gremory or akeno from high school dxd (bonus points for both)
- Cana or Bacchus from Fairy Tail (bonus points for both)
- Yang from RWBY
- other Anime character who is known for drinks

Halloween scenario where Buffy goes as :

- Urd or Lind from oh my goddess
- Rias Gremory or Akeno from high school dxd
- Mira or Erza from fairy tail (bonus points if willow goes as the one you don't choose or Kyoka or Minerva)
- Inner Moka from Rosario vampire (bonus points if willow goes another female lead).
- eclair or eclipse from Kiddy grade
- seras from hellsing
- robin or nami from One Piece
- Blake or Ruby from RWBY

The infamous portal way of getting a crossover:

- falling into the Black Lagoon, or Hotel Moscow office.
- stuck in "The world" (.hack quantum)
- falling into the snakes lair in the Canaan series
- landed in the Mai-Hime/Otome World - perhaps where Mikoto Lives.
- Kuoh Academy where she meets Rias Gremory from high school DxD - and yes becomes part of the peerage or at least a very close ally.
- lands in the la muse or GOTT office in the Kiddy grade world
- Alucard's lair in Hellsing
- drops unto the 1000 sunny (sorry cannot remember the name of the ship)
- beacon academy or surrounding area (RWBY)

Enjoy - feel free to let your mind run wild or alter some aspects.
Challenge Date23 Feb 13
Last Updated24 Oct 14

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