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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerrocky
Challenge NameLoss A Bet and Dress as What?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionThis is a two way challenge, the first part of the challenge is taking a second string character such as 'Harmony' 'Larry' or 'some other Cordette' and have them lose a bet and as a consequence they have to dress up as an animal, it can be any animal so long as it is in some way connected to either Xander's character or one of the Scoobies.

I.E. You could have Harmony and Larry dressing up as two halves of Zorro's Horse and Xander as Zorro.

The catch is they stay in that animal shape.

There are many options that include anything from magical creatures such as dragons (Egon) (Harry Potter) (DnD) (Movies), horses, Cats, owls, and so on. If you chose a particular costume that the genre of that costume is magical such a dragon rider for Egon than the cross over could easily be Harry Potter, after all a dragon would stand out for whatever American Magical Government there was.

Points of Creativity on having the magical animal different from whatever story it was out of due to it matching with the local natives of similar likeness.

Extra points if there's a side effect that cause some form of mental communication between the shifted animal and the Scooby of Choice

This should be short stories with loads of humor, but if you can cause some major canon shifts and crossover collisions it would be even better.
Challenge Date24 Feb 13
Last Updated24 Feb 13

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