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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerVathara
Challenge NameSunnydale Online
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Other
DescriptionBtVS/Sword Art Online cross.

YAHF... with a twist.

The SAO incident happened in Buffy-verse, and the Scoobies have heard about it. Xander has wailed that he couldn't even afford the equipment; Willow was a Near Miss at being in the game. But that was (for the most part) in Japan; there's no way it could affect anyone not currently trapped under a NervGear....

Or not. In this cross - Kayaba was a technomancer. (Thus allowing NervGear tech this early in the timeline.) And it's canon that there are seasonal events in Sword Art Online, such as the Christmas boss that dropped a revival item.

Ethan Rayne's spell doesn't do what it intended. Specifically? Rather than turning costumes into reality, it becomes an area effect spell: he turns the whole town of Sunnydale into a Halloween Event in the game.

Getting Sunnydale out becomes a Quest.

You could go with the Mayor as the Boss, or a puzzle of "figure out it's Ethan's spell and stop him". Or with the idea that Sunnydale contains a hidden dungeon. Technically the sewers qualify. Complete with MoBs. They might have to split forces. Some people have to guard the civilians. Others have to go down into the dungeon to beat the boss. One potential boss that would be very different? Although it might change Buffy even more than having the Mayor snake out early. _The Hellmouth itself._

On the SAO side of the ledger - SAO timeline-wise, this pretty much has to be the Halloween before the Christmas event. Meaning Kirito is not in a very happy place right now, soloing more and more dangerous monsters to grind his levels up in hopes of reviving the Black Cats of the Full Moon. Argo, Klein and Fuurinkazan have been trying to keep an eye on him; Asuna may have heard about it as well.

And if Heathcliff gets word of this dungeon that he most definitely did not program? He's going to be _ticked._

While the Scoobies are free to act, technically SAO is classing them as NPCs. (Think "escort quest", for how they can work with Kirito and other SAOans.) Part of the fun of this will be figuring out how the Scoobies translate into "game terms". For example, Buffy's got unarmed-combat maxed, and probably some kind of improvised weapons skill. Stakes = dagger? She probably has extremely high STR. Willow would have Analysis skill. And so on.

Would be nice if the story went at least a little past "getting Sunnydale out". If Buffy and company visit Aincrad - they'd have to deal with questions about where they got their info, but they could at least get word to people of what was going on. Both inside the game (something that comes up in the novels several times is that fact that it's been two years without any sign from the outside world) and outside - "they've gotten this far, they haven't given up, don't you dare give up on them."

The Sunnydale Event is about letting Sunnydale "escape". Can you imagine the morale boost to the people inside the game? It doesn't matter that Sunnydale was there under different rules. They _got out. _

Bonus if some game abilities stick after Halloween is over. Just think of how useful the equip ability would be. *G* Wave your hand, poke at a menu, suddenly you're armed with Shiny Sharp Pointyness!
Challenge Date26 Feb 13
Last Updated26 Feb 13

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