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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)ridert
Challenge Namea hopefully Different kind of Star Trek/Halloween challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Trek > Multiple Series
DescriptionOK basic premise Principal Schneider is a closet Sci-Fi geek especially for anything and everything Star Trek and he orders all of the "volunteer" escorts on Halloween to dress as characters from any one of the Trek shows or movies.

Schneider himself dressing as Quark

Giles, Miss Calendar, and Mrs. Summers also in trek costumes (Giles as Worf with Jenny as Jadzia Dax would be particularly interesting)

minimum bashing and then only of those truly deserving of it such as Spike, Warren, and other similar characters

Buffy must remain the Slayer but that doesn't mean she can't gain something extra from the spell such as she might get from dressing as Lt. Torres, one of the Dax's, or Seven of Nine

Willow as a strong confidant female character such as Cpt. Janeway, Dr. Crusher, some other strong but definitely good gal

the main Scoobies including Cordelia, Oz, and Angel must all wear Trek costumes of good guys and gals

no non-canon same-sex pairings please

Would like to see's
Some of the later characters Such as Dawn, Tara, Faith, Kendra, Kendra's and Faith's Watchers, perhaps even Robin Woods. They don't have to wear trek costumes though other Sci-fi inspired costumes would be preferred.

Angel losing a bet and having to dress as Garak to Xanders Dr. Bashir

the spell combined with angels choice of costume bringing him back to life though not necessarily as a human

would like to see one or more ships or even DS9 being created by the spell and at least the station and its full compliment of runabouts being left behind after the spell is broken.

obviously this could end up becoming something like another ship of the line story but I'm more than OK with that
Challenge Date3 Mar 13
Last Updated3 Mar 13

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