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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerCrazyDan
Challenge NameI'm gonna Wreck it at Flynn's arcade!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road Trip
DescriptionWreck-It Ralph/Tron Fusion that crosses over with Buffy.

Kevin Flynn's Arcade exists between Sunnydale and Los Angeles. Before he disappeared into the system in between Tron and Tron 2, He left a living will.

Part of that will was to ensure that the arcade was kept open and running smoothly. All games in the arcade were to be kept up and maintained on site.

New games were to be brought in when old ones finally died and destroyed.

This would add new programs to the closed system he'd set up in his arcade, giving the inner world he'd started making a chance to have fresh 'blood' time and time again. All the while, the 'programs' in the game would have a chance to be more than the images on the screen.

The games are on a partially mirrored system that Flynn had created. While active, they aren't part of the Tron System.

After returning home from his road trip or on his way to it, Xander gets a part time job at the arcade slinging sodas and cleaning up the place.

One night, after trying to pick up a quarter that rolled underneath a slightly glitchy Tron game, Xander stumbles into Flynn's old lab.

As a test Clu sends Xander into the games on the Arcade's network. He wants to see exactly how a normal human instead of a programmer like his 'maker' could fare with such a paradigm shift.

While not having the abilities of a 'user' Xander still manages to not only survive, but game jump in the system and befriending Ralph along the way. The two take care of Turbo/The Candy King and shortly after that Xander is released from his imprisonment with a small assortment of weapons possibly including Felix's spare hammer.

Chalking it up to his Sunnydale life intruding upon reality, he leaves the arcade be and reseals the lab, not knowing about the secondary system where Clu is forced to rethink his plans of world conquest and grow his army.
Challenge Date11 Mar 13
Last Updated11 Mar 13

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