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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerQueenCA
Challenge NameBuffy the Cupid
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Rise of the Guardians
DescriptionThis came about after wanting to see a Buffy/Jack Frost story. So, somehow (ex. Halloween (Man in the Moon chose her after she dressed as a cupid), She never was/or was for a short time the Slayer, etc.), I'm leaving the how up to you, Buffy is Cupid (The Guardians know her. North calls her Lizzy or Eliza (short for Elizabeth 'Buffy')...what the others call her is up to you, but I'd like it if Tooth called her Buffy.

Story starts at the start of the movie. At this point, if you want to tell the how she became Cupid story, do it. Jack has not met her before. He is only aware that there is a Cupid

Buffy/Cupid has helpers...kind of like Tooth does. Ex.: Doves.

And Pitch targets her, like he does the others. (*whether she is a Guardian or not, up to you).

Good luck!

(*In this category because of the lack of a Rise Of The Guardians category in Movies.*)
Challenge Date15 Mar 13
Last Updated30 May 13

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