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Challenge Issuerwabberjack
Challenge NameA Halloween Crysis
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionHaving just finished the crysis game series i have had this particular plot idea crawl into my mind and take root, having little skill in writing of my own i thought to issue this challenge.

Xander after purchasing his toy gun looses his army fatigues in some unfortunate event and must come up with some other idea, he needs something quick, easy and cheap thus Laurence Barnes aka Prophet from the end of Crysis 3. All he would need to do was draw some hexagon pattens on his cheek bones to pull it off.

You may want to cross this further with Stargate or some other modern day sci-fi to give more conflict and interaction for the story.

things to remember.
1. At the end of Crysis 3 Prophet has fully merged with the Nanosuit and become a fully fledged bio-synthetic organism capable of mimicking human form except for the eyes. The eyes mimic the Illusive Man from Mass Effect, google it for a picture.

2. The suit is a technological entity so it will not adapt to become immune to or utilize magic.

3. The life support systems of the Nanosuit will allow Xander to live through and recover from anything except brain death. This allows him to come back from near dead to full fighting form in minutes.

4. The nanosuit absorbs energy form the environment to power itself. This includes heat, radiation, electricity and any chemical energy that can be absorbed from the host. Thus due to its heat absorption properties Xander does not show up on thermal imaging or if he does he is difficult to see.

5. The Nanosuit has a totally enclosed re-breather system that converts CO2 back to oxygen and harvests oxygen out of water it is in at the time. Xander cannot drown or die from a lack of oxygen, is immune to chemical and biological attacks, thus he can move in space.

6. The nanosuit can hack any wireless device in its line of sight and can connect with technology it is in physical contact with.

7. The suits Nano-vision is not just heat vision it is a combination of many different sensors and thus cannot be overloaded by flares or flash bangs.

8. The suit does augment Xander's Strength and Speed into greater than human levels but can only use them to truly superhuman levels for short amounts of time. Xander will need to fight smart or he will get beaten alot.

9. The cloak works by detecting and retransmitting any visible light so there is observable distortion at close range. Also when moving the suit needs to react faster to changing light pattens so moving drains energy faster than sitting still.

10. The suit connects directly to the users brain and can backup memories of previous users thus Xander now has the memories of a US marine and whatever elite special forces skills Prophet had prior to Halloween. If he needs to train in the necessary reflexes for these skills is up to creative license.

11. The suit increases its users reaction time around 6 times i think. So Xander can react faster than Buffy even if he is only faster and stronger in bursts.

12. The suit does aid in weapons handling so even in mid fight will get consistent head shots.

13. In the game Crysis 3 Prophet has been in a special sealed containment cell for a number of years without needing food or needing to take care of any body processes, Xander is now the same he can eat he just doesn't need to.

14. Due to the mass of the suit Xander will now weigh twice as much and be physically larger to account for extra mass even when using his human form.

That's it i look forward to seeing what you make of this challenge.
Challenge Date19 Mar 13
Last Updated19 Mar 13

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