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Challenge IssuerGwynApNudd
Challenge NameThat summer in Devon
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter > Giles-Centered
DescriptionSet between seasons 6 and 7 of Buffy and between HBP and Deathly Hallows of Harry Potter

Molly Weasley is an unassuming housewife living in a sleepy village (Ottery St Catchpole) in Devon. No one would suspect her of being the leader of one of the strongest covens in England (especially if they've forgotten she's a daughter of the famed Prewett family). Giles, who has Prewett blood from his grandmother, knows. He brings Willow to Molly after the incident on Kingman's Bluff.

In the meantime, Death Eaters are getting bolder, so Willow's and Giles' need to be kept off their radar, since a showdown between You-know-who and Darth Willow would not be "of the good."

Must have:

The watcher's Council is made up of pure-bred wizards. The Travers family have been the council heads for several generations. (This is why they think of the Slayer (a mystically empowered muggle) as merely a tool.) Quentin's older brother*, who was just released from Azkaban by the Voldemort-controlled Ministry of Magic, and wants the position back because Quentin has, in his opinion, been proven incompetent.

*Travers the Death Eater:

Giles' "Mark of Eyghon" was actually the Dark Mark. It was not an act of rebellion against his family's principles, just against training to be a watcher. The "Eyghon" who tried to posses him was You-know-who. (It was after Quirrel's death, but before he was restored to his body, the timing fits.) He picked Death Eaters away from England and Wizarding society, so that no one (muggles don't count) would notice any sudden personality changes.

Should either allow both stories to follow canon (which means that Giles and Willow remain hidden), or go extremely AU with the feared clash of the Dark Uber-Mages. Half-measures, like vague disclaimers, are nobody's friend.
Challenge Date20 Mar 13
Last Updated20 Mar 13

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