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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameHappily ever after, or Mulan & Sleeping Beauty are hot...and possibly gay.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Once Upon a Time
DescriptionI've been seeing a new take on the 'YAHF', where in the course of the 'spell' Xander finds himself somewhere else. On a spaceship, a distant world, another reality. Well heres what I want, Xander Harris wakes up in the Enchanted Forest.

He's already found out from Giles that sometimes fairy tales are real, well this is just taking it a step further.

This is to take place not long after Emma and Mary/Snow White, find themselves back in the Enchanted Forest themselves. Only to run into the newly awaken Sleeping Beauty and her new bestie Mulan.

This will be the tale of how they all find there way back home. Maybe.

Most Haves:

~Xander's from Sunnydale, he knows weird stuff. This wont throw him for to long. SO he takes everything in stride.

~He does however think Disney has a lot to answer for, with Snow White having a grown up daughter and grandchild not to mention that half the time it looks like while Mulan & Sleeping Beauty are besy tring to save their prince they also want to make out.

~Also, it doesn't have to be Snow that followed Emma. Regina/The Evil Queen was right there as well. And honestly, I think the episodes would have been cooler if those two had been dropped in together.

~And lastly, whom ever Xander dresses up as he still has the memories/powers. Just to make it cool.

Most Not Have:

~No character bashing, on either show. I know a lot of people are taking a side either Snow or Regina, but I think its messed up the women who raised a son for ten years has to lose him so that 'good' can have a family.

~Don't glance over the fact that while their have been a lot of atempted pairings, oddly enough most female characters have the greatest chemistry with other females, IE Regina/Emma, Ruby/Bella, Mulan/Sleeping Beauty, Snow/Ruby. Honestly, I think the writers are doing it on perpose.

And lastly, the obvious....back home in Storybrooke....isn't Xander's home world either. So if and when they get there, he'll find out hes still not home yet. If he stays at grannys bed & breakfest or another character puts him up, thats good either way.

PS: Xander's 16/17 at Halloween, so its unlikely he'll be paired with anyone as the only one close to his age is Ruby who as either 5 years older, or 28+5 years because of the curse.

PSS: Don't forget Regina's thing for kids. All she wants is a family, so she might decide to adopt Xander....forceabily if need be. lol.

): )
Challenge Date20 Mar 13
Last Updated20 Mar 13

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