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Challenge IssuerHarbinger
Challenge NameFall of a White Knight, Rise of a Sallow Emperor: Fallout New Vegas Crossover!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Sci-Fi
DescriptionThe idea for this came while I was browsing TV. Tropes page, Fallout New Vegas Caesar's character page. With one of his traits being that he was The Heart of the Legion.
After Xander left Anya at the altar, Xander tries to explains to Anya that he was terrified that he would hurt Anya and was afraid that he may become a horrible person to her, Anya, in a fit of rage wishes to see how bad Xander can get…

Xander disappears.

The Scoobies and A.I Team go looking for him, eventually having to cross into an alternative time line, but they finally find him!
They soon wish they hadn’t…
They find Xander Harris was reborn as a man called Edward Sallow, now born-again as Caesar, master of the Bull.

:Things I would like to see, but not necessary:

Xander!Caesar precisely, skillfully and charismatically explain his great plan to unite all of humanity under the Legion so that a catastrophe like the Great War doesn’t happen again, ushering in a new Pax Romana. Earning, if not his former friends sympathy, at least there understanding of why he is doing what he is doing.

J.E Sawyer points out, that Caesar himself keeps women at home because they're the only ones capable of breeding to keep up the Legion's numbers, and recruits every single able-bodied male into the military under threat of execution. His point is not that this makes Caesar's view of women or how they're treated in the Legion "okay", but rather that men are brutally indoctrinated, stripped of their cultural identities and marched off to die by their hundreds in battle. Both genders are shoved into nasty, brutal duties, with their only escape a painful death. It's absolutely sexist and disgusting - for both sexes. I’d like someone to point this out to everyone else.

A full exploration of what life is like in Caesar’s Empire that we never saw in the game. The general tone would have been what you would expect from life under a stable military dictatorship facing no internal resistance: the majority of people enjoy safe and productive lives (more than they had prior to the Legion's arrival) but have no freedoms, rights, or say in what happens in their communities. Water and power flow consistently, food is adequate, travel is safe, and occasionally someone steps afoul of a legionary and gets his or her head cut off.

The reaction of both the Scooby Gang and Angels Investigation as they find out all of the Legion’s atrocities. Especially New Cannan.

Xander!Caesar, giving Anya a HeroicBSOD by giving her a Breaking Lecture, pointing out that she was the catalyst that allowed the Legion to exists.

Caesar!Xander tortures Spike, Xander had to put up with him for years as he chipped away at his confidence. That and the last time he saw him was draped over his ex-fiance.

Caesar going into a rage, cursing and shouting in front of his former friends when something didn't go his way, that shows them the contrast between Edward and Xander- Xander has always acted goofy and slightly imature sense of humour in the face of all the horror of Sunnydale, but underneath all that there was always a good, humble man who would do what had to be done. While Edward on the other hand has Masqueraded himself as a man who wanted to uplift the people of the wasteland from day to day survival and insure mankind's longevity and claims his actions are for the greater good, is actualy a narcissistic and petulant psychopath with sadistic tendencies, and a sick sense of humour that wouldn't of been out of place with Angelus.

Someone noticing the historical accuracy of this Caesar and the real Caesar, in that they both left a republic and conquered tribes and crossed a river to wage war against their former nations. And just the Legion in general.

Anya noticing how the bull market is stronger than the bear
Challenge Date22 Mar 13
Last Updated13 Jul 14

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