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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerRian
Challenge NameBetrayal Knows My Name meets Buffy/Angel.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Other
DescriptionBetrayal Knows My Name meets Buffy/Angel.

I am challenging anyone out there to write a crossover between the Buffy or Angel series and the series Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru/Betrayal knows my name. The challenge will be to write a crossover between the two where any character aside from Buffy herself is either a member of the Giou clan or has dressed as one for Halloween. You can add other series if you can make it work.

Beyond the rules listed at the bottom anything else goes. I would love it if its more then a one shot but even a one shot works. I just want to see at least one fic that crosses these worlds. THANKS ALL AND I HOPE WHOEVER RESPONSE'S HAS FUN WRITING FOR THIS CHALLENGE. Bye.


1 Someone other then Buffy finds out they are from the Giou clan and have suddenly come into the powers of a Zweilt Guardian. They are then taken to be trained and help fight the Duras.

2 Xander(or whoever) dresses as a character like Yuki or Luka from the Anime Betrayal Knows My Name and ends up keeping whatever powers they gained from the costume. This person then uses the powers they have kept to either help Angel or Buffy's group fight at some point in the series.

3 Whoever dressed up as one of the characters from Betrayal Knows My Name keeps the powers they gain and as they dressed as one of the Opasts they start to fight against Buffy's group.

4 Whoever dresses up leaves Buffy's group and goes off to fight alone and joins up with another group of Hunters from some other series. Such as the group from Supernatural.


1 It can not be Buffy that finds out or dresses up.

2 If they find they are from the Giou family you must explain how they were related to the Giou clan.
(example...One of their parents had slept with someone while drunk years ago and never told the husband he wasn't the father.)

3 If they dressed as a character you must explain if they keep all or only some of the powers or traits of this character.
Challenge Date24 Mar 13
Last Updated24 Mar 13

Challenge Responses

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