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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerFellgrave
Challenge NameFate/ Halloween Night
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Other
DescriptionWell, I've been searching around for a while, and I have yet to see these two series' crossed over, much to my surprise and disappointment.

The premise: Zelretch, meddlesome being he is, upon his many travels comes across the Buffy-verse, and, in his attempt to see the forces of good triumphant, decides to changes things the easiest way possible; through Halloween.

Through bribery, intimidation, coercion, or whatever means you decide, he manages to get Ethan to set out several costumes for the Scoobies to choose, with his urging and support, of course.

You can have just a single different costume, or you can have different costumes for the entire group.

The Scoobies, and if you want to, Cordelia, Joyce, Dawn, Jenny, or any others, come to Ethan's and end up leaving with the costume of a Heroic Spirit. You can use any means you want to justify the choice, such as Snyder deciding all the costumes must be of historical or mythological figures, but in the end, they get transformed into the Heroic Spirit of their respective costume.

If you want, you can kill Spike during the Possession, but it is not necessary.

Characters can retain anything you want from the spell, I recommend a either personality traits, their Noble Phantasms, physical changes, or any combination of the three. You could even change what stays with which character. But there must be some lasting impact made on them.

Any costume for any character is acceptable, though avoiding the easy outs, such as Buffy as Saber, or Xander as Archer, would be much appreciated, though I wouldn't mind seeing those either if it meant seeing the crossover at all. Genderbending characters, from either series, and either permanently or temporarily, is perfectly fine by me.

Lastly, and you can choose to include this or not, due to the summoning of the Heroes on an area with weakened dimensional walls, Aingra Mainyu (Avenger from the Third War and the Corrupter) manages to sneak through while following the Spirits to Sunnydale. What he does is up to the you to decide, but you could possibly have him hidden in the background until Glory shows up, as an item capable of breaking through dimensional barriers, including those separating the world from the Root, would be the ultimate prize.

Rating, Subject Matter, Length, Violence levels, and anything not mentioned above are up to the writer.
Challenge Date2 Apr 13
Last Updated2 Apr 13

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