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Challenge IssuerRian
Challenge NameLost Boys and Xander
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Lost Boys > Xander-Centered
DescriptionLost Boys and Xander

This is a challenge to all for a Lost Boys crossover with Buffy. I want a crossover where Xander is the main character. I want him to somehow meet one of the groups of vampires from any of the Lost Boys series. This can happen by him having moved before Buffy came to Sunnydale or after she arrived or having the Boys come through Sunnydale for some reason. One shots are fine but if you can work it into at least two chapters I will give bonus points. Everything you need to know is below.


1: Buffy is not the main character.

2: Xander at some point meets one of the Lost Boys.

3:Star does not end up with Xander if she is even in the story at all.

Must haves

One of the Boys use the line " You will never grow old, you will never die."

Xander being tempted to join the Boys. (this can be due to having moved and now being alone or Buffy kicking him from the group or some other reason.)(if he gets turned or not will be up to the writer.)

Can't have.

Xander ending up with Star, Willow or Buffy. (any other character is fine. if he ends up with anyone at all)

Willow doing a soul spell on Xander if he gets turned.

BONUS if you can work Ripper into it should it take place in Sunnydale.
Challenge Date5 Apr 13
Last Updated5 Apr 13

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