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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerJayCee
Challenge NameTrue child of the hellmouth
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other
Descriptionwould love to see a story where the hellmouth's guardian is male, name of Zurial not evil nor is the actual hellmouth as it is only a portal to several hell dimensions and of course the true hell. He is tasked with stopping any hell dimensions from invading the higher planes by the creator. God allows him nights off now and then and on one of those nights he falls in love with Jessica a very good and innocent woman who knows the truth and still accepts and conceives a child with him. Though he has to go back to guarding the hellmouth he asks the creator if he can create a vessel to leave just a small portion of himself to be with Jessica and their unborn child Alexander. She agrees after all it is in her plans for the child to grow up to be a great warrior for the force of light on the earthly plain, of humans and non-humans who just want to live in peace. Xander is not abused, is taught a bit of magic and loved deeply by his parents. Instead of Xander finding out about Buffy, she sees him fighting and holding his own against vampires. Would still like to see Jessie and Willow be involved, no killing or turning of the two, no witchy willow..she stays the computer expert ... No Cordelia or Tara.

Now for the charmed part... Pru still alive phoebe died instead. Cole is not truly evil but still a demon who will change from neutrel to good after meeting Xander then falls in love with him and Xander him.. From there maybe the source wants Cole to be his vessel and that is the main conflict is fighting the source. Charmed ones are there to teach Xander with Leo helping. The Powers that be and Elders don't like this but the Creator steps in and forbids their interference or they will be thrown into the true hell. I hope to see someone take up the challenge. Thank you.
Challenge Date14 Apr 13
Last Updated14 Apr 13

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