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Challenge Issuerkittenpoker
Challenge NameWe Meet Again, Big Brother. (Get your ass out of the dirt, you idiot)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Walking Dead, The
DescriptionStarting from Season 2 The Walking Dead, episode Chupacabra (or earlier, and work your way to it): Instead of big brother Merle kicking his unconscious ass into gear after a slip 'n slide down the waterfall, Daryl gets a visit from lil' sis Buffy. A dual story, with a little bit of explanation from both sides (i.e. Buffy and Daryl P.O.V. chapters) would be lovely, if you would. If you want to go full A.U., feel free, but a slayer/little sister Buffy version is preferred. Throw in Merle, too, if you would like too, because why not.

Lines to use (at least one? please.)

-"Get your ass out of the dirt, big brother, you got trouble comin' for you and I'm not really here to save your ass"

-"Aw, Buff, leave Merlene alone, can't you see he fell and hurt his little head?"

-"Daryl. Get up. If you make me kill you after you die, I will kill you."

-"Shut it, Merle, or I'll come haunt your ass too, you know I will"

-"I told you not to eat those mushrooms, but no, no one listens to the smart Dixon child..."

-"Shut up Merle, I know what I saw! Besides, lil' sis took you Vamp huntin', don't try and deny it you dick"

-"Goddamnit Daryl, how freaking hard is it to stay in one goddamn piece until I figure out where the hell you are? Don't you dare die on me now!"

Interpret however you would like. If you would like for Buffy to be dropped out a portal on top of Daryl, that sounds especially hilarious, so please proceed. Go forth and write awesome things.
Challenge Date17 Apr 13
Last Updated17 Apr 13

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