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Challenge Issuerivanjedi
Challenge NameNegating the Marcie Ross effect
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionRecently, I read Klimmatt's 'Xander as various X - men', and the chapter about Cyclops got me thinking. Just how much were the Scoobies themselves affected by the phenomenon that affected Marcie Ross? (the invisible girl from a Season 1 episode) Was Willow just above the average intelligence, and with every student who knew her thinking she was super - smart, she was supercharged into genius?
We know Cordelia to be blunt, but not completely inconsiderate, so were some moments, such as dumping Xander on Valentine's day of all times, caused by a number of those who knew her thinking she was a bitch?
Were the occasional ditzy blonde moments Buffy had over the series caused by the image she often projected?
Was Xander that unlucky in what he did during the first few seasons of the series, or was it because everyone thought him to be a loser (Hello, getting dumped on Valentine's day, then gets caught fluking, and while Willow gets back together with Oz soon after, while Cordelia goes as far as making a wish because of the whole affair, he gets hurt and it is suggested that he kept away from fighting even though apart from the Slayers, nobody in the gang is exactly in a better situation, with Oz being a werewolf - not really helpful, and Willow being still very far from being an uber witch at that point)

The Challenge is thus: Take one of the Scoobies, add something (Harry Potter style magic, Heroes evolution, Marvel mutation..., heck, set it up so something from the buffyverse makes it happen) in order to cancel the Marcie Ross effect, and see how the story would change. The story doesn't have to be centered on following the butterfly effect, however, the negation has to have clear consequences by itself. Because of that, it was probably best that this isn't a YAHF, as those more often than not introduce such large changes that everything else gets drowned.
Challenge Date19 Apr 13
Last Updated21 Apr 13

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